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Custom ASMR videos

Would you like to have your your own ASMR video completely customized so you can watch every night in bed? Including your name, your favourite triggers, whispers, soft spoken, tapping, face touching, inaudible...
Don't worry, I have you covered! Now you can get your completely customized video, from A to Z, so you can download it and enjoy it whenever you need it.
All the info:

I don't do sexual/NSFW ASMR videos.
The prices are in pound sterling (GBP), please use Google to convert it to your own currency. I start working on the video when the payment has gone through.

10 min  → £47
15 min  → £67
20min  → £77
30min  → £89 

Estimated time of delivery  → Maximum of 7 days. No refunds.
If you would like certain props or costumes I don't have, I will add the price to the total. 

For enquiries please contact

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